Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Landscaping Business

As you begin to enter a new season, re-evaluating your work processes is key to keeping your business on the path of efficiency.  This is something that is good to do year round, but a month or two prior to the season starting is the perfect time to gather your team and execute any needed changes.

Here are 5 ways to improve the way you are doing business now.

Make sure you are managing your man hours properly

Staying within budget when it comes to man hours is super important.  You want to make sure you have a landscaping business management software that will make the process of tracking hours effortless.  Scapersoft is a great business software that offers not only time tracking but a robust calendar with scheduling tools.   Having this feature will help you make sure your team is staying within or under budget.  This software is developed by lawn care professionals so you know you are getting every detail you could want or need in a business management software.

Keep track of tools by creating a list

There are so many tools that can go missing, that having certain controls in place can really lessen the burden of this problem.  A great way to navigate around this is by creating tool lists that your crew leaders will sign at the beginning of the season.  If a tool goes missing or breaks due to negligence, the crew is responsible for replacing it.  Having this in place really pushes the crewman to bring back their tools and really look out for them.

Switch crews up and provide cross training

They say consistency is a great way to drive efficiency but having the same guys doing the same work week after week can get monotonous for some.  It is a good idea to sometimes switch up your crews. Doing so allows more sharing of information and the guys can learn something from one another.

Another great idea to consider is cross training.  This includes having office staff getting involved with things like learning job estimates.  Maybe event taking them out to a jobsite to see how things are run.  Managers should also get involved with the office staff to see how they do things like data entry and report filing.  Doing this helps the managerial staff have a better understanding of the inner workings of what goes into managing the day to day stuff.  If you want to read more on why cross training is beneficial to any business, click here:

If  you don’t have a website by should

Today’s business landscape is technology-driven hands down.  You must have a powerful online presence if you want to be competitive. Consumers are searching online for everything including services like landscaping.   Your website needs to be professional looking and easy to navigate.  A great add on to your website is a blog. The landscaping industry can always use more blogging and is a great way to  to stand apart from the competition, connect with your customers and show off your work.  If you want more tips on building a website for your landscaping business, check out this great article:

Feedback from your customers is key

If a customer complains, make sure you are listening.   This shows them you value their business. Make sure honesty and reliability are at the forefront of your business.  This will create a level of trust that is key to building long lasting business relationships.  It is also a good idea to create a space for consistent communication so that your customers know they can come to you and your crew with any questions or concerns. You will also want to perform routine inspections of your sites and take the time to briefly check in with customers.  As you get more customers with your great customer service, consider implementing a referral program.  This is a great way to expand your business!  If you want to get more tips on this, check out this great read:


5 tips for new real estate agents

The formula for succeeding in real estate is making sales.  But when you are new to real estate, that is easier said than done when no one knows your name yet.  Selling properties is not easy and that big paycheck you are hoping for does not come overnight.

Here are 5 tips to get your new business off to a successful start.








Real estate flyers are a great way to promote your brand

Create a brand that makes an impression

Competition is fierce in real estate.  In order to set yourself apart, you need to develop a brand for yourself.  You will need to come up with a distinctive logo, profile photo, color scheme and catchy slogan.  When first starting, your brand will be that of your company but this shouldn’t stay that way.  You will need to get that personal brand going that will set you apart from your agency. A great place to showcase your personal branding is on real estate flyers. They are great for not only marketing your properties but also your brand.   I love using Flyerco.  They have a robust template gallery and you can customize your flyers to your liking.

Find a real estate company that is the right fit

As you first start out in real estate, you do not have an established reputation to depend on.  For this reason, finding the right team to join is key.  In order to figure out who that is, you will want to do some research.  Check into which ones have won awards, have a great marketing framework in place and most importantly, the type of support from management that will help build your career.

Focus on a specific market

The best strategy when starting out is to find a specific market to focus on.  This might be condos, luxury homes or investment properties.  You want to look for an underserved market, that way you are not stepping on another agents toes.  By doing this, you will be further enhancing your brand by becoming an expert in your niche.

Be Productive and Set Goals

Without a boss looking over your back, it is up to you to make sure you are working enough each day.   Creating a routine and a set of daily goals are essential to efficiently managing your time.  You should have a set amount of time put aside for things like marketing, reaching out to prospective clients and client relationship building.

Your expertise should be a selling point

To be successful in real estate you need to know  the ins and outs of real estate.  Things like legal issues, transaction terminology, housing laws etc need to be a part of your knowledge base.  If it’s not, start brushing up immediately. This should be the first thing you do before reaching out to clients.  Now would also be the time to become an expert in your niche.  That will be your key selling point.  Becoming an expert in your niche will give you the opportunity to create things like a home buyer’s guide or a handout with specific market information related to your niche.   These extra small touches will help build your reputation as an expert in your specialized area.

5 Tools Your Business Needs To Succeed On Instagram


As many of you know by now, Instagram is one of the most powerful and robust marketing tools for businesses.  It can be tough, though, to maintain and be consistent without the help of some great tools.  Utilizing the right Instagram tools will help expand your brand and most importantly, save you time.






Here are 5 Instagram tools your business needs in order to maximize your marketing strategy on Instagram.

Boost your Instagram photos with Yotpo.

This cool tool provides you with a new and fresh way of engaging with your followers.   Their moderation tools allow you to search for images on Instagram that are relevant to your brand.  It will then automatically ask the original poster for permission to add their image to your curated collection.  You are then able to display it on your site.  This can be done by either a slideshow widget on your product pages or on any landing pages that have content related to different products.

Use a social media scheduler like Autogrammer

This tool is a lifesaver for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter post scheduling.  You can easily put together posts for weeks at a time and schedule them to go out at peak times so that you can maximize engagement with your followers. It also has all the key photo editing tools and you can easily bulk upload your images.  It’s a one stop shop.

Use Repost  to share your Favorite Photos And Videos On Instagram

The Repost tool makes reposting and crediting the original creator so easy. You just tap a button to share an already existing post on your own Instagram feed.  This is ideal for sharing user generated content for your business.

 Use Tagboard To Track Trending Hashtags

This helpful tool allows you to track hashtags that are trending the most on various social platforms.  You can then see how other brands are utilizing those hashtags and how you may be able to incorporate the same hashtags into your next marketing campaign.

Use Iconosquare For Tracking

Think of Iconosquare as the Google Analytics for Instagram.  It provides you with all the tracking info you would want like comments, likes and engaged followers for each post.  This then allows you to see which content is getting the most traction.

Any of these 5 Instagram tools will certainly help you and your team build a solid brand presence on Instagram.  Utilizing all of them can definitely be a powerful way to kick start your Instagram marketing strategy into high gear.



How Does Vitamin C Help The Anti-Aging Process?

skin damageThere are great benefits to vitamin C serum for the skin. Vitamin C helps in reducing wrinkles, brightening the skin, and repairing skin damage. If you have been noticing fine lines and wrinkles on your facial skin, you must make it a point to try the serums containing vitamin C. There are quite a few different brands of such serums available in the market. You need to buy the one that is manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies and scientific methods. An example of a good brand of anti ageing skin care products is Skin prep.

Why is Vitamin C beneficial?

Vitamin C is one of the main ingredients of anti-wrinkle creams and serums. There are many cost-effective products available in the market. However, before buying any product, you must make sure to check the main ingredients. In anti aging serums, Retinol is one of the main ingredients. Vitamin C lightens and brightens the skin instantly and improves the overall
texture of the skin. Given below are some of the benefits of vitamin C in skin care products:

Vitamin C increases collagen production in the skin, which is one of the main ingredients for removing wrinkles and fine lines. Thus, vitamin C is known to have very effective anti aging properties.

  • As discussed, the vitamin leads to brightening and tightening of the skin.
  • It helps to reduce the negative effects of exposure to the sun.
  • Vitamin C has been noted to mitigate the effects of chlorine exposure to some extent.
  • Vitamin C helps to repair the skin.

How does retinol help in reducing wrinkles and fine lines?

Vitamin C and retinol are two different ingredients of anti-wrinkle creams. These can help in the formation of collagen and elastin. Thus, with regular application of serum and creams containing Vitamin C, the skin remains young, plump, and fresh. Pores on the skin are reduced, and there is also less of visible lines on the skin. Both the ingredients in the anti wrinkle products are so strong that they can help in countering the effects of harmful UV rays, pollution, and even a bad diet.

In most of the creams and serums available in the market, the amount of vitamin C used is made photo-stable. It is also given in a form which is easy for the skin to absorb. It is also one of the “free radicals scavengers”. Thus, it can help to fight out the free radicals that are present on the skin. It also helps to counter the effects of chemicals and toxins that affect the skin on a daily basis. Some of the factors that lead to early wrinkles on the skin are tobacco consumption, pollution, stress, malnutrition, and long hours of sun exposure. Vitamin C creams and serums are known to be effective in countering the effects of all these factors. So, do not ignore the importance of vitamin C creams and serums. However, you must make it a point to buy a good brand of product that has been manufactured scientifically and by maintaining proper standards.

Learn More:

Getting Help With Identity Theft

credit card stolenIdentity theft can involve individuals of all ages and class. Though some people are at high risk of becoming an identity theft victim, it doesn’t suggest that you should not take all necessary safeguards. So, you have to educate yourself on how to spot it then learn about the identity theft protection measures that you may take.

If you have a superb credit rating then you’ll have to expand your identity theft protection procedures. Identity thieves are always seeking persons possessing your kind of credit status. It makes their dealings easier and so they know they can do more harm to you if your credit is good.

Identity thieves can take absolute control over your existing credit. Not only that, they also can open additional credit under your name. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there; your own data can even be used to write forged checks, transfer currency, attain employment, or worse, commit a crime on your name.

Methods to Identify Identity Theft

Lots of people are victims of identity theft but do not learn about it for some period. More usually however, the victim is given some sort of indication, for example notices of unpaid bills and purchase fees.

You will recognize that you could be a victim of identity theft as soon as you find yourself denied credit or maybe employment. Additionally , you will know if you get calls or letters saying you have been approved or refused credit that you never applied for or billings for purchases you never made or curious bank card charges.

You should start becoming suspicious when you discern that you’re not getting credit or bank statements and other kinds of mailings that you always get. Most of these clues might indicate that you might be a victim of identity theft.

Identity Theft Protection

If you don’t wish to be among the victims, you need to know what identity theft protection procedures you should take to prevent it from happening. Following are a few of the safeguards you could take.

Check your bank and credit card statements; preferably change to on-line statements so as to check them 24/7 rather than waiting to get your statements in the post. Identity thieves get away with theft because the majority don’t check their bank or credit statements regularly.

Obtain your credit reports at least yearly and examine them totally for any unusual activity. As well, check that all your information are exact. Since you are entitled to a free credit report yearly from the 3 credit reporting bureaus, you could obtain one from a different agency every few months.

On no account offer out your personal data, especially your social security number, unless you happen to be the one who initiated the dealings. When you utilize on line banking, never click on links in emails that are supposedly from your bank, especially if they ask you to complete a form with your individual information. Always type in the web addresses manually to ensure you are going to go to the real site.

You should never carry personal credentials, such as your passport or social security card inside your wallet or purse unless it is absolutely required. In addition bear in mind that some cards, like Medicare cards, contain your social security number on the back.

Identity thieves even now utilize the old hands-on tactic to pilfer your identity – mailbox theft. Therefore, buy a secure mailbox and don’t make it a habit to leave correspondence in your mailbox. It is best when you have your own personal postal service mailbox so that the mail doesn’t drop into the incorrect hands.

Shred each document or statement before discarding which includes your individual data on it. Yet again, identity thieves make use of rudimentary techniques, such as searching through trash, to discover useful personal details.

Identity Theft Protection Service

If you wish to be really secure from identity theft then check out one of the Identity Theft Protection Services. These services are very inexpensive however they provide a degree of protection that might be close to impossible to accomplish manually. Every one of your personal details, counting your full name, bank numbers, and social security number, are going to be monitored 24/7 so that you’ll know immediately the moment that something unusual is occurring.

What Exactly Is Identity Theft?

fraudWhat do you think of when you see those two words? Possibly it makes chills go down your spine if you have been a victim, or know someone else who has been. Possibly you have heard the phrase, but don’t know what it is. Maybe both of the above apply, or maybe neither apply. This article is for anyone who wants to know what identity theft is and what types of identity theft there are. There are many different types to learn about and from which to protect yourself.

First of all, what IS identity theft? Simply put, it’s when someone gets your personal information and tries to pretend to be you for their personal gain. It is when someone tries to pretend to be you in some circumstance for some reason. It is a crime that is everywhere and continues to be on the rise. You can’t guarantee that your personal information is safe. There is always the potential of someone watching long enough and being savvy enough to get your personal information. Without getting too much into it, people steal others’ identities because there is something they want that they can’t get with their identities.

I don’t know if you realized that there are five main types of identity theft. The first identity theft that people often think about is financial. This can include: credit card, child support, government benefits and charity, just to name a few. This type of identity theft is all about getting money, in whatever form the thieves can get. A common way to get this information of late is either e-mails or phone calls phishing for your personal information. Chances are the credit card companies and banks/credit unions with which you have accounts won’t need to send an e-mail or phone call to get your personal information again. These are easy ways to protect yourself. If in doubt, don’t give out any news until you speak directly with the financial institutions with which you have accounts. However, this form of identity theft only makes up less than 18% of all of the identity thefts in the world today.

What do you mean? There’s more? Yes, in fact, one of the identity theft crimes on the rise today is medical identity theft. Some thieves like to take others’ medical records to use as their own. They might do this because their personal records are lacking and they need a medical identity with better health than their own. They also might want to hurt another by giving the wrong information so others will suffer. Whatever the reason, medical identity theft is rising as a form of identity theft in the nation.

One of the top rated companies to prevent ID theft is Identity Guard.  You can read a full review of their company here:

Another form of identity theft is Social Security identity theft. There are many people who are immigrating from other countries into this country that don’t have their social security number of their own, so they like to steal ours. Many places in the nation, you can’t even get a job or an apartment without a social security number. Think about all that you use your social security number for. What could you do without it? What can you NOT do without it? It’s a pretty important set of numbers that identify you in a way you couldn’t otherwise be identified.

Choosing a Medicated Dog Shampoo To Stop The Itch!

dog shampooOftentimes dogs have either sensitive skin or a specific problem with dry skin or itches. These can extend from unnecessary shedding to skin allergies. Thankfully there are dog shampoos and conditioners available that will help with these issues. Most times with the help of high quality, all natural pet shampoos and conditioners will not require any prescriptions from your vet.

Many dog shampoos are on the market these days but it’s not always easy to pick the right one. Pet skin is similar to that of humans, but pets have very different skin types. That being said, you want to choose a shampoo that is safe for both puppies, and older dogs, no matter what the breed. Choosing the right shampoo can make your dog’s coat shine as well as soothe your dog’s skin. Especially if your dog has fleas or requires hydration just because of dry, flaky skin, getting the right shampoo is crucial for that anti-itch relief needed. Here are some tips for using pet shampoos- whether it is for your dog or cat:

Never use human shampoos on pets.

Some people think that a human shampoo will work fine and is cheaper than an antifungal or medicated dog shampoo they may buy online or from their vet for a more premium price. The thing is, you don’t just have a dry dog. You have a pet that is in pain. He or she just can’t use words to tell you. Getting rid of their itching, burning pain is as easy as using Malaseb or Nootie’s pet shampoo. Other options include medicated shampoos, or ones including oatmeal, chlorhexidine, or other conditioners that are allergy-free, tear free and pet-safe.

Shampoos for Dogs with dry skin.

You should first learn how to tell what type of skin your dog has. Touch your pet gently and see if there is any flaking. If there is, your pet has dry skin. Using jojoba-based or oatmeal-based shampoos are good for treated dry skin in dogs. If moisturizing is your only concern for your dog, choosing an oatmeal shampoo/conditioner combo may work just fine.

Shampoos for Dogs with oily skin.

If your dog has oily skin, using a conditioner is a no-no. Look for shampoos that are more astringent, slightly drying. Look for one that deep cleans and one that is safe for your dog.

Veterinarian approved dog shampoos are excellent for opening up the hair shaft to permit the chemicals or plant compounds of the shampoo to get in to carry out their job. In case the hair shaft is left open, healthy ingredients will escape and leave the dog’s hair weak and dull, which could lead to scratching and itching. Dog conditioner will close the hair shaft and make the hair smooth and also restore moisture.

There are many stores online to find these pet shampoos. Local stores can carry them as well- but its best to do your research online, especially if you need an antibacterial or antifungal specific product.

An Overview of the Most Common Types of Psychic Readings

Fortune TellingA psychic is a person with an Extra-Sensory-Perception ability to gather and process information. This means that a psychic works beyond the normal senses (touch, hearing, sight, taste and smell) to gather insights to events, people or situations.  Phone psychic readings are attempts to discern information by use of Extra-Sensory-Perception. For instance, recognizing the personality of a person you have never meant is not possible by use of the five common senses. This requires use of heightened perception abilities.

There are several type of psychic readings practiced namely;

Aural Readings

An aura is a subtle energy surrounding a person. This energy protects the body from spiritual harm. A psychic specializing in this reading can discern information concerning your relationships, emotional state and your career. This can assist you to be in touch with self energy and remove barriers to your emotional or spiritual growth.

Palm Readings

This reading also called Palmistry interpreting several things about a person by examining his/her palm. This involves studying the lines, wrinkles, curves and shapes on the palm. The psychic is then able to characterize and foretell one’s future. This is one of the psychic readings which does not necessary depend on psychic ability. Therefore, if you opt for your palm to be read, you should be careful about what you tell the reader so that he/she does not use the same information to foretell your future.

Astrological Readings

Astrology is the study of how distant objects such as planets and stars have influence on our lives. Astrological reading involves alignment of one’s place and time of birth with the planets and stars. The psychic is then able recognize the energies and potentials that an individual was born with and how he/she can utilize them for maximum benefit. Through astrological reading, a psychic can make future predictions such as an individual’s economic success.


This is a type of reading in which a psychic uses a deck of cards to discern information about a person. It is a popular type of reading especially even to people with little knowledge about psychics. The reader requires an individual to draw particular number of cards from a pack. Each card has an image with specific meaning depending on the order in which one draws the cards.


This is a type of psychic reading where psychic discerns information of a person by using an object the person posses. A psychic normally ask an individual for his/her favorite and important object and detects the energy the object holds. This psychic reading is based on the belief that an object close to a person for long periods has the person’s energy which can be discerned. Psychometry readings have been applied to search missing persons.


This type of psychic reading involves use of numbers to discern information about the past and also make predictions about the future of a person. Psychic using this method use numerical values like date of birth and letters in a person’s name to get particular information.


The above are a few of the many kinds of psychic readings. Some Professional psychics can use a combination of these types to give an individual the best insight. An individual can also explore and choose the type that suit him/her most.

Long Island Restaurant Week Overview

restaurantLong Island Restaurant Week is from November 1- 8 offering a 3 course fixed price meal for only $27.95. The only way to make reservations is to call the participating restaurants in this promotion. This is a very popular event so make reservations early for this exciting event. Tips are not included in the prices but 20 percent is the recommended rate.

Each course must offer three appetizer choices, three main entrees, and three dessert choices to customers for restaurants to participate.  There are several Nassau County restaurants participating in this event. Each one will offer a special menu for this promotion. Some of the restaurants are Anchor Down Bar and Grill, and Andrea’s 25 which has several appetizers, main entrees, and desserts.

Other Nassau County restaurants involved in this promotion are Benny’s Ristorante, Besito Mexico, Havana Tavern, Heirloom Tavern, Lola, Market Bistro, Morton’s Steakhouse, Sage Bistro, Salsa Mexicana, Thyme, and West End Cafe. There is a wide variety of different types of cuisines offered. They have Mexican, Italian, French, American, Cuban, Japanese, Chinese, and Belgian.

Verde Kitchen and Cocktails is a participating restaurant from Bay Shore, NY. They serve delicious Mexican food and cocktails. They have salads, soups, Mexican sandwiches, main entrees, tacos, quesadillas, and dessert. It has an extensive wine menu, tequila menu and other popular drinks.

As part of the Long Island Restaurant Week, look for a large selection of restaurants from Suffolk County. Here are some sample menus to get you excited. Aij 53 a Japanese restaurant has appetizers like rock shrimp tempura, ocean trout, and passion tuna. Main entrees are Saltire Salmon, Hawaii Chicken, and Angus Rib Eye, and several two roll combos. Desserts are fried bananas, and tempura ice cream.

Bravo Nadar is an Italian restaurant that has appetizers like crab cakes, salad, or homemade sausage. Main courses are meat lasagna, chicken davinic, and sea bass. Desserts are napoleon, cheesecake, and cannoli. Again there are many different types of menus and a chance to try some new cuisine for half the price.

This event is designed to promote local restaurants and give restaurants positive marketing results. Since 2006, it has been an annual event in November. It is designed for local customers and restaurants. Many customers try new restaurants they would have never tried because of this exciting event. Some of the best food available and menus are served at this event.

This event has increased sales for restaurants and won awards. Don’t forget to check out the many different restaurants from the East End of Long Island. The Cooperage Inn, Cowfish, and James Manor Inn feature American cuisine. The Rumba Inspired Island Cuisine and Rum Bar features Caribbean food and Stone Creek Inn French cuisine.

Look at the Long Island Restaurant Week promotions as a chance to try new food at reasonable prices. Call the restaurants ahead and enjoy a great meal. Think of it as a chance to experience new types of food you never tried before. Don’t miss the excitement.  Check out restaurant week at if you’re looking for good food, good drinks, and a good time.

Get the Most Effective Credit Repair With The Lexington Law

credit repair firmFor you to repair your credit rating, you out to have two options which means, you can do it yourself by maintaining the privacy of your personal information and interaction with the creditors. The other option is having credit repair services do the credit repair on your behalf. As opposed to many credit repair services and programs, Lexington Credit Repair is a law firm that deals with credit repair issues, and for clients who may be interested in the legal improvement of their credit scores, Lexington Law is the right choice.

Lexington Credit Claim of Fame

In case you choose Lexington Law, you will not require to get bothered by the negative impacts which are said about credit repair businesses. What separates all the other run of the mill credit business repair is the firm’s years of expertise in the field of credit repair. This is supported by the figures Lexington credit firm has helped more than 300.000 Americans to reset their credit rating in a few weeks.

Lexington Law has taken pride in specialization of credit repair issues. Its plan is asserting its customer’s consumer rights and also making sure it authenticate information based on the credit report.

An economical and viable credit repair program

Lexington Law assesses the client’s report detail to detail; it will then identify the obsolete and inaccurate information. After that, the information will be taken to the creditors for them to handle. Most credit bureaus deliver the results in two months while Lexington law firm delivers in 30 days. The firm also identifies any form of theft or inaccuracy and erases them from your report. The program is also based on a goodwill intervention.

Exclusive credit report programs

The services of Lexington Law Credit Repair doesn’t come to an end when negative information have been successfully removed from the credit report, but they also provide helpful services such as identifying theft insurance and the monthly credit improvement analysis score. These are basically the aspects of credit reports that are taken lightly by other firms. believes that its customers should sustain good credit ratings.

Usually, identifying of theft protects the insurance holders from increased stealing practice of another person’s identity. With such an insurance, one can protect himself from such ugly situations.

With the discussed tactics, it is easy to understand why Lexington Law is one of the best credit repair businesses in the industry.