10 Agent Tips For Selling Homes


Now that you have landed the listing, it’s time to deliver on your promise and get that house sold for the best price possible.  This is often easier said than done.  Most often the types of homes you are selling need that extra bit of attention and agents and sellers need to work as a team in order to get that sold sign on the front lawn. This involves going above and beyond with your real estate marketing.

Below are 10 tips and tricks that will help you have more success selling homes.

1. Get a listing agreement signed

This is step one and and a must have.  Sellers can be fickle.  The deal isn’t reality until you have that agreement in writing and signed.

2. The MLS is your best friend

The MLS is key to the selling process.  As you add details to your listings, be sure to include as many beautiful photos as possible.  Listings with more than 6 photos are viewed twice as much than those that have less.  Also, be extremely thorough and honest with specific details about the home.  People will question you if you misrepresent the property.

3. Make sure listings are on all websites

Your listings should be on every major website.  Zillow, Trulia,  Redfin, Craisglist , Realtor, Movoto just to name a few.  Most home buyers are online searching way before they reach out to an agent, so the early bird gets the worm in this case.  Also, someone looking at Trulia is not necessarily looking at all the other real estate websites so being on as many of these sites as possible really helps expand your reach.

4. Check surrounding listings

Knowledge is power and knowing the market you work in is key in real estate.  If your buyer is not interested in the home you are showing them, you should know what is on the market in the area.  Real estate is all about service and it’s extremely helpful to know what’s out there.

5. Flyers are key for marketing

Flyers done right are still an effective real estate tool for marketing homes. Whether they are used at an open house or for people to take during a showing, your flyers should be thorough, beautiful and compelling. Printed flyers are not the only way to use this great tool.  Real estate email flyers can be used in online marketing, email campaigns and any social media promotions you do.

6. Hire a photographer

A picture says a thousand words.  Hiring a photographer will give you that extra edge with high quality photos.  Just make sure they capture your vision.  Details matter so make sure the house is in perfect condition.  This means toys cleaned up, no visible wires, no dishes in the sink, you get the idea.  If you do not want to spring for a photographer, make sure to invest in a decent digital camera.  Taking photos with your cellphone is not the route to go.

7. Talk to everyone you can

Getting the word out about your listings is a great way to gain traction.  Talk to your friends, family, neighbors and anyone else you come in contact with. The more you get the word out, the more interest gets generated.

8. Meet up with your competition

Make a point to visit other agents’ offices.  Take them out for coffee and chat about what you both have going on. This is a great door opener as it can lead to mutual business and referrals.

9. Take advantage of social media

If you are not already using social media as part of your marketing efforts.  You are missing the boat.  You should be posting consistently to Facebook and any other social media channels you are on.  Videos are a great way to get the buzz going for your properties.  You can show off your latest listing or create informational videos sharing valuable advice and expertise.

10. Host open houses

Open houses are a great opportunity to increase your potential buyer pool. First impressions are everything, so make sure the home is beautifully staged, utilities are on and everything is in working condition.  The rest is up to you.  Time to bring your excellent conversational skills, and a happy and positive attitude.