10 Tips For Boosting Your Real Estate Leads

1. Get to know the professionals in your market

Do research into they key professionals of your market and call them to set up a meeting.  Let them know that your clientele often needs an insurance agent, good attorney, banker etc. and you would like to refer them business.  Keep in touch with them weekly to see how referral business is going for them or to refer them new ones. In real estate, everyone knows the strength of a referral and you will know doubt get returned the favor.

2. Talk to divorce attorneys

Everyone knows at least a few divorced people, find out if they used great lawyers and set up a meeting with them.

3. Introduce your life insurance agent

Life insurance agents are great for getting business referrals.  They are in touch with a lot of people on a daily basis and are in the know about their clients’ financial plans for the long run.  This includes if they plan on buying or selling a home.  It is also a good idea to have your clients meet with your life insurance agent after they close. Now that they have just taken out a mortgage, they may need to think about additional insurance protection.

4. Work with personal bankers

Prior to searching for a real estate agent, most home seekers will visit their bank to make sure they will be approved for a loan.  They are then typically referred to the bank’s lender without representation.  That being the case, you as the agent are not part of this transaction taking place and you have no control over the client experience.  This could lead to a poor experience by all.  In order to circumvent this type of situation, you can make an introduction between your buyers and your banker.  If they are moving into the area, chances are they do not have a personal banker already.

5.  Research who the top financial planners are in your area  

Any clients that walk away with a nice lump of cash after a house sale will need advice on what they should do with the money.  You can be the person to put them in the direction of the best person for the job. Take time to find out who the top financial planners are in your market and start developing relationships with them.  You will see it will pay off big for you.  Clients put a lot of trust in them with their savings and will in turn trust their recommendation for a real estate agent.

6. Find good commercial lenders

Like financial planners, commercial lenders have a certain level of trust with their clients and can send a lot of business your way. If you have any self employed buyers and sellers, they are going to need access to capital, so this type of introduction makes sense.  If you come across a great lender, you should consider opening up a bank account for your practice as a sign of goodwill.

7. Meet for regular happy hours with past clients and referral sources  

Putting together a happy hour is a great way to get everyone together.  Try doing one with your financial planner and you can invite people from your database and facilitate an introduction.  Have your financial planner do the same and you will have a nice mix of prospects for both sides.

8. Offer to have a housewarming party a month after closing  

Get together with your lender and attorney and split the costs.  You can let the owners know they can invite the neighbors and you will cater food and drinks.  All they need to do is make an appearance. This will set you back a mere $100 bucks for each of you and you will probably leave with at least a couple of new leads.

9. Thank your referral sources with a handwritten thank-you note  

Immediately after receiving a referral, write a letter of thanks and put it in the mailbox. Each time you receive a referral, you should do this. Most sales people know this is good to do, yet many don’t do it.   It is a great and simple way to show your appreciation.  Stock up on stationery and stamps so you have no excuses to not send one out.

10. Send real estate email flyers

Flyers  remain a very effective marketing tool for promoting your property listings.  Real estate email flyers are a fast and easy way to instantly announce new listings, reductions in pricing and open houses to a specific group of recipients. Since this is email, you do not have to worry about the information becoming out-of-date.