7 Types Of Valuable Social Media Content To Share

When it comes to social media marketing, the name of the game is to get as many shares, likes, re-tweets and engagement as possible. The way to achieve this is by providing your audience with valuable content.  When executed properly, the right content creates a connection with your audience in a unique way. When cultivating a strategy, you want to focus on content that builds trust and is informational. By doing this, you will see your social media marketing strategy take off.

Below are 7 types of content to share with your  audience that will give you the most value.

1. Infographics

In terms of shared content, Infographics take the medal home.  These awesome tidbits of information are extremely engaging since humans are visual creatures.  Aside from the visual appeal, humans just process content better when it’s coupled with pictures.

2. Interactive Content

Interactive content ( animation, video, moving image audio, games, etc) is one of the best ways to boost engagement. If you are looking to go viral, quizzes are where it is at.  We have all probably taken one or had a friend share one (what fourth of July food would you be?  Me, a watermelon).  Go ahead and make your next post a quiz and see the results.

3. Content That Evokes Strong Positive Emotion

Content that sparks people’s emotions get more shares.  Pretty simple.  But which emotion will get you the most shares?  Not surprisingly, studies show that posts that evoke happy emotions are the ones that inspire people to share.  This rings true for whatever industry you are in.   Laughter and inspiring achievements are both great ways of building a connection with your audience.

4. Content With Images

When it comes to what people like to share most, it should be no surprise that images were at the top of the list.  Just like with infographics, our mind loves images. Shared strategically across all your social media platforms, you will see more engagement arise from your audience.

5. Live-streaming

As we approach the halfway mark of 2017,  live-streaming has taken the front seat for many brands. Facebook Live and Periscope are just 2 of the live streaming tools that are catching on like wildfire. These tools are free so it’s time to get your strategy going.  Breaking news, interviews, behind the scene shots and Q&A’s are just some ideas that can get engagement going with your audience.


Sharing the right quote at the right time can do wonders for boosting engagement and your brand.  They never get old and are highly shared. Quotery and Brainyquote are great sources for quotes. But before you go posting a bunch of quotes, you have to know what your audience will respond to.

7. User Generated Content

User-Generated Content is one of the best ways to engage with your audience.  This type of content shows that as a brand, you care about them.  Stay on top of all your social media platforms and keep an eye out for content that was created with your product in mind or that features your product. Just make sure to credit the person posting them back.

Coming up with great content share is not easy and can be very time consuming.  As my business is heading to the next level, I have decided to hire a company to write custom social media content for me.  Emphatic.co has been a lifesaver for me.   You provide them all the details about your business and they will give you amazing social media content tailored for you.  They only thing you have to do is review it and schedule it.  The process is so easy and has freed up so much time for me to focus on other things.