An Overview of the Most Common Types of Psychic Readings

Fortune TellingA psychic is a person with an Extra-Sensory-Perception ability to gather and process information. This means that a psychic works beyond the normal senses (touch, hearing, sight, taste and smell) to gather insights to events, people or situations.  Phone psychic readings are attempts to discern information by use of Extra-Sensory-Perception. For instance, recognizing the personality of a person you have never meant is not possible by use of the five common senses. This requires use of heightened perception abilities.

There are several type of psychic readings practiced namely;

Aural Readings

An aura is a subtle energy surrounding a person. This energy protects the body from spiritual harm. A psychic specializing in this reading can discern information concerning your relationships, emotional state and your career. This can assist you to be in touch with self energy and remove barriers to your emotional or spiritual growth.

Palm Readings

This reading also called Palmistry interpreting several things about a person by examining his/her palm. This involves studying the lines, wrinkles, curves and shapes on the palm. The psychic is then able to characterize and foretell one’s future. This is one of the psychic readings which does not necessary depend on psychic ability. Therefore, if you opt for your palm to be read, you should be careful about what you tell the reader so that he/she does not use the same information to foretell your future.

Astrological Readings

Astrology is the study of how distant objects such as planets and stars have influence on our lives. Astrological reading involves alignment of one’s place and time of birth with the planets and stars. The psychic is then able recognize the energies and potentials that an individual was born with and how he/she can utilize them for maximum benefit. Through astrological reading, a psychic can make future predictions such as an individual’s economic success.


This is a type of reading in which a psychic uses a deck of cards to discern information about a person. It is a popular type of reading especially even to people with little knowledge about psychics. The reader requires an individual to draw particular number of cards from a pack. Each card has an image with specific meaning depending on the order in which one draws the cards.


This is a type of psychic reading where psychic discerns information of a person by using an object the person posses. A psychic normally ask an individual for his/her favorite and important object and detects the energy the object holds. This psychic reading is based on the belief that an object close to a person for long periods has the person’s energy which can be discerned. Psychometry readings have been applied to search missing persons.


This type of psychic reading involves use of numbers to discern information about the past and also make predictions about the future of a person. Psychic using this method use numerical values like date of birth and letters in a person’s name to get particular information.


The above are a few of the many kinds of psychic readings. Some Professional psychics can use a combination of these types to give an individual the best insight. An individual can also explore and choose the type that suit him/her most.