Long Island Restaurant Week Overview

restaurantLong Island Restaurant Week is from November 1- 8 offering a 3 course fixed price meal for only $27.95. The only way to make reservations is to call the participating restaurants in this promotion. This is a very popular event so make reservations early for this exciting event. Tips are not included in the prices but 20 percent is the recommended rate.

Each course must offer three appetizer choices, three main entrees, and three dessert choices to customers for restaurants to participate.  There are several Nassau County restaurants participating in this event. Each one will offer a special menu for this promotion. Some of the restaurants are Anchor Down Bar and Grill, and Andrea’s 25 which has several appetizers, main entrees, and desserts.

Other Nassau County restaurants involved in this promotion are Benny’s Ristorante, Besito Mexico, Havana Tavern, Heirloom Tavern, Lola, Market Bistro, Morton’s Steakhouse, Sage Bistro, Salsa Mexicana, Thyme, and West End Cafe. There is a wide variety of different types of cuisines offered. They have Mexican, Italian, French, American, Cuban, Japanese, Chinese, and Belgian.

Verde Kitchen and Cocktails is a participating restaurant from Bay Shore, NY. They serve delicious Mexican food and cocktails. They have salads, soups, Mexican sandwiches, main entrees, tacos, quesadillas, and dessert. It has an extensive wine menu, tequila menu and other popular drinks.

As part of the Long Island Restaurant Week, look for a large selection of restaurants from Suffolk County. Here are some sample menus to get you excited. Aij 53 a Japanese restaurant has appetizers like rock shrimp tempura, ocean trout, and passion tuna. Main entrees are Saltire Salmon, Hawaii Chicken, and Angus Rib Eye, and several two roll combos. Desserts are fried bananas, and tempura ice cream.

Bravo Nadar is an Italian restaurant that has appetizers like crab cakes, salad, or homemade sausage. Main courses are meat lasagna, chicken davinic, and sea bass. Desserts are napoleon, cheesecake, and cannoli. Again there are many different types of menus and a chance to try some new cuisine for half the price.

This event is designed to promote local restaurants and give restaurants positive marketing results. Since 2006, it has been an annual event in November. It is designed for local customers and restaurants. Many customers try new restaurants they would have never tried because of this exciting event. Some of the best food available and menus are served at this event.

This event has increased sales for restaurants and won awards. Don’t forget to check out the many different restaurants from the East End of Long Island. The Cooperage Inn, Cowfish, and James Manor Inn feature American cuisine. The Rumba Inspired Island Cuisine and Rum Bar features Caribbean food and Stone Creek Inn French cuisine.

Look at the Long Island Restaurant Week promotions as a chance to try new food at reasonable prices. Call the restaurants ahead and enjoy a great meal. Think of it as a chance to experience new types of food you never tried before. Don’t miss the excitement.  Check out restaurant week at VerdeKitchen.com if you’re looking for good food, good drinks, and a good time.

Get the Most Effective Credit Repair With The Lexington Law

credit repair firmFor you to repair your credit rating, you out to have two options which means, you can do it yourself by maintaining the privacy of your personal information and interaction with the creditors. The other option is having credit repair services do the credit repair on your behalf. As opposed to many credit repair services and programs, Lexington Credit Repair is a law firm that deals with credit repair issues, and for clients who may be interested in the legal improvement of their credit scores, Lexington Law is the right choice.

Lexington Credit Claim of Fame

In case you choose Lexington Law, you will not require to get bothered by the negative impacts which are said about credit repair businesses. What separates all the other run of the mill credit business repair is the firm’s years of expertise in the field of credit repair. This is supported by the figures Lexington credit firm has helped more than 300.000 Americans to reset their credit rating in a few weeks.

Lexington Law has taken pride in specialization of credit repair issues. Its plan is asserting its customer’s consumer rights and also making sure it authenticate information based on the credit report.

An economical and viable credit repair program

Lexington Law assesses the client’s report detail to detail; it will then identify the obsolete and inaccurate information. After that, the information will be taken to the creditors for them to handle. Most credit bureaus deliver the results in two months while Lexington law firm delivers in 30 days. The firm also identifies any form of theft or inaccuracy and erases them from your report. The program is also based on a goodwill intervention.

Exclusive credit report programs

The services of Lexington Law Credit Repair doesn’t come to an end when negative information have been successfully removed from the credit report, but they also provide helpful services such as identifying theft insurance and the monthly credit improvement analysis score. These are basically the aspects of credit reports that are taken lightly by other firms. LexingtonLaw.com believes that its customers should sustain good credit ratings.

Usually, identifying of theft protects the insurance holders from increased stealing practice of another person’s identity. With such an insurance, one can protect himself from such ugly situations.

With the discussed tactics, it is easy to understand why Lexington Law is one of the best credit repair businesses in the industry.

Understanding How Pheromone Products Work

romanceEvery person naturally emits pheromones. It has been proven that it is due to pheromones that humans and animals get attracted to each other. The best pheromones work to enhance this effect. Using pheromone sprays is not just for sexually attracting someone else, it is also used in social settings for appearing more likeable and impressing everyone around. There are two pheromones that are known to attract women – Androstenone and Androstenol. Most pheromone sprays use these two hormones to maximum effect.

How Do Humans Manage To Smell Pheromone?

Humans can smell pheromones and, by extension, pheromone sprays with the help of VNO or vomeronasal organ. Initially, when VNO was discovered by scientists in humans and animals, it was considered to be a vestigial organ. After a bit of research, however, scientists realized that this organ was a pheromone receptor. It not only recognized pheromones but also received them. The smelling is largely subconscious in nature. It manifests more as a form of a feeling than anything else. Conscious perception of pheromones is not necessary for the other person to be affected by it.

Can Pheromone Sprays Be Smelled?

Because of High Specific Anosmia, humans are unable to smell pheromones but only subconsciously react to them. Pheromone sprays, on the other hand, can be smelled and that is because the effect of pheromones have been enhanced in them. People who prefer odorless pheromone sprays can also get them. Usually, pheromone sprays are used with an aftershave for better and more natural results.

How Are Pheromone Sprays Used?

Using a pheromone spray is pretty similar to using an aftershave. It is just topically applied to the collar and cuff area, usually near the pulse points so that it lasts for the longest time and envelops the wearer in a gentle scent. After a certain point, the wearer becomes attuned to the scent of the pheromone spray.

What Is The Effect Of Pheromone Sprays?

The biggest effect of pheromone spray is self confidence. It gives a boost of confidence to the person wearing it and, as such, generally makes them likeable to a group of people. As per independent research by brands of pheromone sprays, the response of people to the wearer was better and more positive. Shy and introverted individuals, especially showed great results while wearing the pheromone spray.

It is best to follow the directions on the label while using a pheromone spray for best results.

Looking Into The Future With Psychic Readings

Psychic ReadingsPsychic reading is a means of ascertaining information about our lives with the use of perceptive abilities; albeit the natural extending of the five human senses of sight, touch, sound, instinct and taste. These feelings are known as clairvoyance. For centuries there has been skepticism of the validity of psychic readings. There has been extensive experiments performed to authenticate the results of the aforementioned readings.


Many people turn to psychic readings by phone for insight into questions they simply cannot answer. Though many people may question such methods, the hopes of gaining closure to unresolved issues can be so strong that people will go to any length.


Psychics offer various types of readings. One specific type of reading is an aura reading. With this type of reading, interpretation of a person’s aura is observed. The aura is subtle, but can be luminous around the subject. Many psychics believe that auras are composed of bio-electricmagnetic fields. Though Tarot cards are sold as a means of entertainment, psychics use them as a tool for looking into one’s future.

palm readingsPalm readings have been the tried and true form of looking into the future for centuries. This involves the study of lines and shapes of the subject’s palm.

Tarot card readings are another way that psychics read the future. Usually called fortune telling, the psychic can look into the whereabouts of a person who is closely related to the subject.

Distant readings involve what is know as traveling clairvoyance. This can be conducted without the psychic ever meeting the subject, and is performed via telephone, SMS, chat or webcam. Correspondence readings generally are performed through letters and emails.


With the use of stones and gems that are tossed into the water, a accurate psychics can read into the future based upon the mutual proximity. Though the exact origin is unknown, many different cultures have used lithomancy along with numerous methodologies to predict future happenings.

Though believing in something we cannot see or feel can be a difficult task, one cannot say there is no validity simply based on this. Psychic readings have been used throughout history to predict both positive and negative effects that have occurred.