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Choosing a Medicated Dog Shampoo To Stop The Itch!

dog shampooOftentimes dogs have either sensitive skin or a specific problem with dry skin or itches. These can extend from unnecessary shedding to skin allergies. Thankfully there are dog shampoos and conditioners available that will help with these issues. Most times with the help of high quality, all natural pet shampoos and conditioners will not require any prescriptions from your vet.

Many dog shampoos are on the market these days but it’s not always easy to pick the right one. Pet skin is similar to that of humans, but pets have very different skin types. That being said, you want to choose a shampoo that is safe for both puppies, and older dogs, no matter what the breed. Choosing the right shampoo can make your dog’s coat shine as well as soothe your dog’s skin. Especially if your dog has fleas or requires hydration just because of dry, flaky skin, getting the right shampoo is crucial for that anti-itch relief needed. Here are some tips for using pet shampoos- whether it is for your dog or cat:

Never use human shampoos on pets.

Some people think that a human shampoo will work fine and is cheaper than an antifungal or medicated dog shampoo they may buy online or from their vet for a more premium price. The thing is, you don’t just have a dry dog. You have a pet that is in pain. He or she just can’t use words to tell you. Getting rid of their itching, burning pain is as easy as using Malaseb or Nootie’s pet shampoo. Other options include medicated shampoos, or ones including oatmeal, chlorhexidine, or other conditioners that are allergy-free, tear free and pet-safe.

Shampoos for Dogs with dry skin.

You should first learn how to tell what type of skin your dog has. Touch your pet gently and see if there is any flaking. If there is, your pet has dry skin. Using jojoba-based or oatmeal-based shampoos are good for treated dry skin in dogs. If moisturizing is your only concern for your dog, choosing an oatmeal shampoo/conditioner combo may work just fine.

Shampoos for Dogs with oily skin.

If your dog has oily skin, using a conditioner is a no-no. Look for shampoos that are more astringent, slightly drying. Look for one that deep cleans and one that is safe for your dog.

Veterinarian approved dog shampoos are excellent for opening up the hair shaft to permit the chemicals or plant compounds of the shampoo to get in to carry out their job. In case the hair shaft is left open, healthy ingredients will escape and leave the dog’s hair weak and dull, which could lead to scratching and itching. Dog conditioner will close the hair shaft and make the hair smooth and also restore moisture.

There are many stores online to find these pet shampoos. Local stores can carry them as well- but its best to do your research online, especially if you need an antibacterial or antifungal specific product.